Is It Over Yet? Will It Ever Be Over?

I remember reading fiction books that pulled me into a frightening world of global sickness, death, and frustrating social isolation. I’d close the book, glad it was only a story. And now we live in that horror story every day and I’m long past the point of hoping I’ll wake up to find it was only a bad dream. We’ve already been trapped in this nightmare for a year now. And as we slowly crawl out of this winter of darkness toward the flickering light of a hopeful spring day, I have to stop and wonder what this new world will be like. It may look a lot similar to the one we left in early 2020, but if we close out eyes, we know it won’t feel the same anymore. Families will struggle with the unending pain of loss and lingering sickness. Masks, sanitizers, and personal protective equipment will be commonplace; our greetings will be socially distant and feel empty, cold, sterile; the euphoria and energy that often comes with being part of a large group will be a fond memory that we now struggle to recall.

Sankaty Lighthouse

I’ve kept busy writing this past year, partly to just keep my sanity, not that there was ever that much to begin with. My second Nia D’Amato novel is finally published in a variety of formats. Inn Season opens with Nia taking a leisurely bike ride that shockingly ends with her discovering a mother and daughter pinned beneath a fallen tree. She unwittingly finds herself drawn into a puzzling chain of events, quickly discovering idyllic Nantucket hides a dark undercurrent of lies, secrets, and clandestine relationships. Against the advice of her Deputy commander back in Boston, she teams up with Captain John Miller, fighting to decipher a tangled mess of teenage drama, obsessive passions, and puzzling adult behaviors. Solving one mystery only plunges them into another: the seemingly innocent death of a girl thirty years earlier. Nia and Captain Miller follow a trail of long-buried secrets as they race to find a critical piece of evidence before it’s destroyed.

Inn Season is available in a variety of formats on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and on Booklocker

It’s also available on Apple books.

If you enjoy reading it, give it a positive review. If you don’t, well, it’s okay if you just keep it to yourself:-)

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