Seeking Light in the Darkness

As I stood waiting for our cat to leisurely make his way back into the house, a chorus of discordant honking caught my attention. A chevron of geese in perfect formation were passing high overhead oblivious to the governor’s covid 19 social distancing orders, doing what comes naturally. It reminded me of what makes this pandemic so insidious and disquieting. We are social animals who naturally move in groups. This is especially evident with young people who are pushed and pulled by forces they don’t understand and can’t yet control. Have you ever watched a soccer game with children aged six and seven? Viewed from above it would look like a swarm of bees all chasing a small white ball. Teenagers cruising along in pheromone-fueled bodies, believing their youth makes them invincible, seek each other out like heat-seeking missiles confident of a successful encounter. Orders to stay socially isolated are difficult and stressful because they run counter to what drives us as social animals.

I admit I’ve found it difficult to stay focused on my writing with the media sounding the alarm on the dire nature of our condition on a daily basis. However, I have managed to finish another Detective Nia D’Amato novel and send it to the publisher. Inn Season is the second novel which finds our determined detective unwittingly drawn into the sudden death of a popular teenage girl on Nantucket. She quickly discovers this idyllic island paradise hides an undercurrent of clandestine relationships and disturbing events. I think book lovers who enjoy intriguing characters and a baffling mystery will find this story an enjoyable read. Thank you Hank Phillippi Ryan for coming up with a much better title.

Finally I’d like to thank author Carol Lynn Luck (Magnolias Never Bloom in September, Heroines of the Kitchen Table, Gym Class Klutz) who reviewed several new books including my first Nia D’Amato novel, Sparkles of Discontent in her latest blog ( Thank you Carol!

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